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From the Terrace
Black Dynamite
A Matter of Life and Death
Hot Tub Time Machine
I Sell the Dead
Fantastic Mr. Fox
Iron Giant, The
Virginia Creepers
Ten, The
Melvin Goes to Dinner
Loved One, The
Alice in Wonderland
Gentlemen Broncos
Back to the Future Part II

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Title Director Rating
1408 H�fstr�m, Mikael 3
28 Days Later Boyle, Danny 3.5
28 Days Later Boyle, Danny 4
28 Days Later... Boyle, Danny 4.5
28 Weeks Later Juan Carlos Fresnadillo 3
28 Weeks Later Fresnadillo, Juan Carlos 3.5
30 Days of Night Slade, David 2.5
Abandoned, The Cerd�, Nacho 3
Addiction, The Ferrara, Abel 3
Aftermath Cerd�, Nacho 3.5
Alice, Sweet Alice Sole, Alfred 4.5
Alone in the Dark Sholder, Jack 2.5
Altered States Russell, Ken 3
American Werewolf in London, An Landis, John 3.5
Amityville Horror, The Douglas, Andrew 1.5
Anguish Luna, Bigas 3
Anguish Luna, Bigas 4
Another Heaven Iida, Joji 4
Antichrist von Trier, Lars 3
Army of Darkness Raimi, Sam 4
Audition Miike, Takashi 4
Audrey Rose Wise, Robert 2
Bad Taste Jackson, Peter 3.5
Bad Taste Jackson, Peter 3.5
Bad Taste Jackson, Peter 3
Baron Blood Bava, Mario 3
Basket Case Henenlotter, Frank 4
Basket Case Henenlotter, Frank 2.5
Basket Case 2 Henenlotter, Frank 3
Battlefield Baseball Yamaguchi, Yudai 3
Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon Glosserman, Scott 2
Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon Glosserman, Scott 3
Below Twohy, David 3.5
Beyond Re-Animator Yuzna, Brian 3
Beyond the Darkness D'Amato, Joe 3
Beyond, The Fulci, Lucio 4
Beyond, The Fulci, Lucio 3
Biker Zombies From Detroit Brunswick, Tommy 1
Billy the Kid vs. Dracula Beaudine, William 2.5
Birds, The Hitchcock, Alfred 4
Black Cat, The Fulci, Lucio 2
Black Christmas Clark, Bob 2.5
Black Demons Lenzi, Umberto 2.5
Black Sunday Bava, Mario 5
Black Sunday Bava, Mario 2.5
Blade II del Toro, Guillermo 2
Blade Trinity Goyer, David 3
Blair Witch Project, The Myrick, Daniel & Sanchez, Eduardo 3
Blair Witch Project, The Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez 4
Blood for Dracula Morrissey, Paul 3
Bloodsucking Freaks Reed, Joel 1
Bloodsucking Freaks Reed, Joel 3
Boogeyman Kay, Stephen 2
Book of Blood Harrison, John 2
Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 Berlinger, Joe 0
Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 Berlinger, Joe 3
Boxer's Omen, The Kuei Chih-Hung 3
Bram Stoker's Dracula Coppola, Francis Ford 2.5
Bram Stoker's Dracula Coppola, Francis Ford 4.5
Bride of Frankenstein, The Whale, James 5
Brides of Dracula Fisher, Terence 2
Brood, The Cronenberg, David 3
Brood, The Cronenberg, David 4
Brotherhood of the Wolf Gans, Christophe and Pascal Laugier 3
Bruiser Romero, George 3
Bubba Ho-Tep Coscarelli, Don 3.5
Bubba Ho-Tep Coscarelli, Don 3.5
Burning, The Maylam, Tony 2.5
Burnt Offerings Curtis, Dan 1.5
Burnt Offerings Curtis, Dan 2.5
Burrowers, The Petty, J.T. 3.5
C.H.U.D. Cheek, Douglas 3
C.H.U.D. Cheek, Douglas 3.5
Cabin Fever Roth, Eli 3
Cabin Fever Roth, Eli 2.5
Cabin Fever Roth, Eli 4
Cabin Fever Roth, Eli 4
Call of the Cthulu, The Leman, Andrew 4.5
Candyman Rose, Bernard 3
Cannibal Apocalypse Margheriti, Antonio 2.5
Cannibal Ferox Lenzi, Umberto 2
Cannibal Holocaust Deodato, Ruggero 4.5
Cannibal Holocaust Deodato, Ruggero 3.5
Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter Clemens, Brian 3
Carrie DePalma, Brian 4
Cat's Eye Teague, Lewis 2.5
Cell, The Singh, Tarsem 2
Cemetery Man Soavi, Michele 3.5
Changeling, The Mendak, Peter 3.5
Cheerleader Camp Quinn, John 2
Child's Play Holland, Tom 2
Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things Clark, Bob 2.5
Children of the Corn Kiersch, Fritz 2
Chinese Ghost Story 2, A Siu-Tung, Ching 3
Chinese Ghost Story 3, A Siu-Tung, Ching 2.5
Chinese Ghost Story, A Siu-Tung, Ching 4
Chopping Mall Wynorski, Jim 3.5
Christine Carpenter, John 3.5
Church, The Soavi, Michele 3.5
Circus of Horrors Hayers, Sidney 4
City of the Dead Moxey, John 4.5
City of the Living Dead Fulci, Lucio 4
Class of Nuke 'Em High Haines, Richard and others 3
Cloverfield Reeves, Matt 3.5
Clownhouse Salva, Victor 2
Conqueror Worm, The Reeves, Michael 2
Convent, The Mendez, Mike 3.5
Corruption Hartford-Davis, Robert 3
Countess Dracula Sasdy, Peter 2.5
Cradle of Fear Chandon, Alex 3.5
Crazies, The Romero, George 3.5
Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Arnold, Jack 5
Creepshow Romero, George 3.5
Creepshow 2 Gornick, Michael 2
Crow, The Proyas, Alex 4
Curse of the Undead Dein, Edward 2.5
Dagon Gordon, Stuart 3.5
Dagon Gordon, Stuart 3.5
Dagon Gordon, Stuart 4
Dark Water Nakate, Hideo 3.5
Dark Water Salles, Jr., Walter 3
Darkness Balaguero, Jaume 2
Daughters of Darkness K�mel, Harry 3.5
Daughters of Darkness, The K�mel, Harry 3
Dawn of the Dead Snyder, Zack 3.5
Dawn of the Dead Snyder, Zack 3.5
Dawn of the Dead Romero, George 4.5
Dawn of the Dead Snyder, Zack 4.5
Dawn of the Dead Romero, George 4.5
Dawn of the Dead Romero, George 5
Dawn of the Dead  Romero, George A. 5
Day of the Dead Romero, George 3.5
Day of the Dead Miner, Steve 1.5
Day of the Dead Romero, George 3.5
Day of the Dead Romero, George A. 4.5
Dead Alive Jackson, Peter 4.5
Dead Birds Turner, Alex 2.5
Dead Hate the Living, The Parker, Dave 3
Dead Next Door, The Bookwalter, J.R. 2.5
Dead Zone, The Cronenberg, David 2.5
Dead and Buried Sherman, Gary 4
Dead and Buried Sherman, Gary 3
Deadwood Park Stanze, Eric 3.5
Demons Bava, Lamberto 3.5
Demons 2 Bava, Lamberto 3.5
Deranged Gillen, Jeff 2.5
Descent, The Marshall, Neil 4
Descent, The Marshall, Neil 3.5
Desecration Tomaselli, Dante 3.5
Devil Rides Out, The Fisher, Terence 3
Devil's Advocate, The Hackford, Taylor 3.5
Devil's Backbone, The Del Toro, Guillermo 3.5
Devil's Nightmare Brismee, Jean 2.5
Devil's Rejects, The Zombie, Rob 4
Devil's Rejects, The Zombie, Rob 3.5
Devil's Rejects, The Zombie, Rob 2
Diary of the Dead Romero, George 2.5
Diary of the Dead Romero, George 3
Dog Soldiers Marshall, Neil 3
Dog Soldiers Marshall, Neil 4
Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist Schrader, Paul 2
Don't Look Now Roeg, Nicolas 2
Donkey Punch Blackburn, Olly 2
Donnie Darko Kelly, Richard 4
Dracula Browning, Tod 4
Dracula Browning, Tod 4
Drag Me to Hell Raimi, Sam 3.5
Drag Me to Hell Raimi, Sam 3.5
Driller Killer, The Ferrara, Abel 3.5
Eaten Alive Lenzi, Umberto 3.5
Eight Legged Freaks Elkayem, Ellory 2
Equinox: A Journey Into the Supernatural, The Muren, Dennis  2.5
Eternal Blood Olgu�n, Jorge 4
Evil Dead Raimi, Sam 4.5
Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn Raimi, Sam 5
Evil Dead, The Raimi, Sam 3.5
Evil Dead, The Raimi, Sam 4.5
Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Derrickson, Scott 3
Exorcist III, The Blatty, William Peter 3
Exorcist, The Friedkin, William 5
Exorcist, The Friedkin, William 5
Exorcist, The Friedkin, William 5
Exorcist: The Beginning Harlin, Renny 1.5
Eye, The Pang Brothers, The 3.5
Eye, The Pang Brothers, The 2.5
Feast Gulager, John 4
Final Destination 2 Ellis, David R. 2
Final Destination 2 Ellis, David R. 3
Final Destination, The David R. Ellis 1.5
Fly, The Cronenberg, David 4
Fog, The Wainwright, Rupert 1
Fog, The Carpenter, John 3
Forgotten, The Ruben, Joseph 2.5
Freddy Vs. Jason Yu, Ronny 2
Freddy vs. Jason Yu, Ronny 2.5
Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare Talalay, Rachel 2
Friday the 13th Cunningham, Sean 4
Friday the 13th Nispel, Marcus 3.5
Friday the 13th Cunningham, Sean S. 3.5
Friday the 13th Part 2 Miner, Steve 3
Friday the 13th Part 3 Miner, Steve 2.5
Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning Steinmann, Danny 1
Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives McLoughlin, Tom 3
Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan Hedden, Rob 1
Friday the 13th, Part VII: The New Blood Buechler, John Carl 3
Friday the 13th, Part VII: The New Blood John Carl Buechler 1.5
Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter Zito, Joseph 3
Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter Zito, Joseph 2
Fright Night Holland, Tom 2.5
Fright Night Holland, Tom 4
From Beyond Gordon, Stuart 3.5
From Beyond Gordon, Stuart 2.5
From Hell Hughes Brothers, The 3
From a Whisper to a Scream Burr, Jeff 3
Frontir(s) Gens, Xavier 3.5
Gator Bait Sebastian, Beverly and Ferd Sebastian 0
Ghost Ship Beck, Steve 3
Ghost Ship Beck, Steve 2
Ghosts of Edendale, The Avalos, Stefan 2.5
Ghosts of Mars Carpenter, John 2
Ghoulies Bercovici, Luca 2
Ginger Snaps Fawcett, John 3
Ginger Snaps Fawcett, John 4
Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning Harvey, Grant 3.5
Gothika Kassovitz, Mathieu 2
Grandma's Secret Recipe Hayes, Jeff 2.5
Grapes of Death, The Rollin, Jean 2.5
Guts of a Virgin Komizu, Kazuo (Toshio Sato) 1.5
Gutterballs Nicholson, Ryan 1.5
Habit Fessenden, Larry 4
Halloween Zombie, Rob 2.5
Halloween Carpenter, John 4
Halloween Carpenter, John 5
Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers Dwight H. Little 2.5
Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers Little, Dwight 4
Halloween II Zombie, Rob 2
Halloween II Rosenthal, Rick 2
Halloween III: Season of the Witch Tommy Lee Wallace 3
Halloween: Resurrection Rosenthal, Rick 1.5
Hamiltons, The Butcher Brothers (Mitchell Altieri and Phil Flores), The 1.5
Hannibal Scott, Ridley 1.5
Hatchet Green, Adam 3.5
Haunted Gilbert, Lewis 2
Haunting, The Wise, Robert 4
Haute tension Aja, Alexandre 3.5
Hell of the Living Dead Mattei, Bruno 2.5
Hell's Ground Khan, Omar 2.5
Hellbound: Hellraiser II Randel, Tony 3
Hellboy del Toro, Guillermo 2
Hellraiser Barker, Clive 3.5
Hellraiser Barker, Clive 4
Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth Hickox, Anthony 1.5
Hellraiser: Bloodline Kevin Yagher (as Alan Smithee) and Joe Chappelle 2
Hellraiser: Deader Bota, Rick 2
Hellraiser: Hellseeker Bota, Rick 3
Hellraiser: Hellworld Bota, Rick 2
Hellraiser: Inferno Derrickson, Scott 3.5
Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer McNaughton, John 4.5
High Tension Aja, Alexandre 2
Hills Have Eyes II, The Weisz, Martin 1.5
Hills Have Eyes, The Craven, Wes 4
Hills Have Eyes, The Craven, Wes 3
Hills Have Eyes, The Aja, Alexandre 2.5
Hills Have Eyes, The Aja, Alexandre 2.5
Horror Tomaselli, Dante 4
Host, The Bong Joon-ho 4.5
Host, The Joon-ho, Bong 3.5
Hostel Roth, Eli 3
Hostel Roth, Eli 4
Hostel Roth, Eli 2.5
Hostel: Part II Roth, Eli 3
House by the Cemetery, The Fulci, Lucio 1.5
House of 1000 Corpses Zombie, Rob 3
House of 1000 Corpses Zombie, Rob 2.5
House of Clocks Fulci, Lucio 3
House of Wax Collet-Serra, Jaume 2.5
House of the Dead Boll, Uwe .5
House of the Devil, The West, Ti 2.5
House on the Edge of the Park Deodato, Ruggero 2.5
Howling, The Dante, Joe 3
Hunger, The Scott, Tony 3.5
I Bury the Living Band, Albert 3.5
I Drink Your Blood Durston, David 3.5
I Sell the Dead McQuaid, Glenn 3
I'll Bury You Tomorrow Kelly, Alan 3
Identity Mangold, James 4
In Dreams Jordan, Neil 3.5
In the Mouth of Madness Carpenter, John 1
Incubus Stevens, Leslie 3
Inferno Argento, Dario 3
Inside Bustillo, Alexandre 4
Interview with the Vampire Jordan, Neil 4
Interview with the Vampire Jordan, Neil 2
Intruder Spiegel, Scott 2.5
Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday Marcus, Adam 2
Jason X Isaac, James 2.5
Jason X Isaac, James 1.5
Jaws Spielberg, Steven 5
Joy Ride Dahl, John 3.5
Jungle Holocaust Deodato, Ruggero 3
Keep, The Mann, Michael 2
Kill, Baby... Kill! Bava, Mario 4
Killer Condom Walz, Martin 2.5
Killer Klowns from Outer Space Chiodo Brothers, The 3.5
Killing Birds D'Amato, Joe 1.5
King Kong Cooper, Merian and Ernest B. Schoedsack 5
Lair of the White Worm, The Russell, Ken 2.5
Land of the Dead Romero, George A. 3.5
Land of the Dead Romero, George A. 3
Land of the Dead Romero, George 4
Langoliers, The Holland, Tom 3
Last House on Dead End Street Morrison, Steven 3
Last House on the Left Craven, Wes 4
Last House on the Left Craven, Wes 4
Last Winter, The Fessenden, Larry 4.5
Legend of Hell House, The Hough, John 3
Lemora: A Child's Tale of the Supernatural Blackburn, Richard 3.5
Leprechaun 4: In Space Trenchard-Smith, Brian 1.5
Let the Right One In Alfredson, Tomas 4
Let the Right One In Alfredson, Tomas 3.5
Lifeforce Hooper, Tobe 3.5
Little Otik Svankmajer, Jan 3
Living Dead Girl, The Rollin, Jean 2
Living Dead Girl, The Rollin, Jean 3
Living Hell Fujii, Shugo 2.5
London Voodoo Pratten, Robert 3
Lord of Illusions Barker, Clive 2.5
Lost Boys, The Schumacher, Joel 2
Lost Boys, The Schumacher, Joel 3.5
Machinist, The Anderson, Brad 4
Maniac Lustig, William 2.5
Maniac Cop Lustig, William 2
Maniac! Lustig, William 4
Mark of the Devil Armstrong, Michael 3
Martin Romero, George 2
Martyrs Laugier, Pascal 3.5
Masque of the Red Death, The Corman, Roger 3.5
Masque of the Red Death, The Corman, Roger 4
May McKee, Lucky 4
May McKee, Lucky 2
May McKee, Lucky 3
Midnight Mass Mandile, Tony 0
Midnight Mass Mandile, Tony .5
Midnight Meat Train, The Kitamura, Ryuhei  2
Midnight Meat Train, The Kitamura, Ryuhei 4
Mist, The Darabont, Frank 4.5
Mist, The Darabont, Frank 4
Monster Squad, The Dekker, Fred 2.5
Monster Squad, The Dekker, Fred 4.5
Mother of Tears Argento, Dario 3.5
Mother of Tears Argento, Dario 2.5
Mulberry Street Mickle, Jim 3
My Bloody Valentine 3-D Lussier, Patrick 1.5
My Little Eye Evans, Marc 2
NEKRomantik Buttgereit, Jorg 3
Near Dark Bigelow, Kathryn 3
New Nightmare Craven, Wes 2.5
New Year's Evil Alston, Emmett 1.5
Night Evelyn Came out of the Grave, The Miraglia, Emilio 2
Night Stalker, The John Llewellyn Moxey 3
Night Strangler, The John Llewellyn Moxey 3.5
Night Watch Mirzakeyev, Mukhtar 3
Night of the Bloody Apes Cardona, Rene 2.5
Night of the Demons Kevin S. Tenney 1.5
Night of the Lepus Claxton, William 2.5
Night of the Living Dead Romero, George 5
Night of the Living Dead Romero, George A. 5
Nightmare Scavolini, Romano 2
Nightmare City Lenzi, Umberto 1.5
Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge, A Sholder, Jack 3
Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, A Russell, Chuck 3
Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, A Harlin, Renny 3.5
Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child, A Hopkins, Stephen 3.5
Nightmare on Elm Street, A Craven, Wes 4.5
Nightmare on Elm Street, A Craven, Wes 4
No Telling Fessenden, Larry 3
Nomads McTiernan, John 4
Nosferatu Murnau, F.W. 4
Nosferatu the Vampyre Herzog, Werner 5
Omen, The Donner, Richard 4
One Hour Photo Romanek, Mark 3
Opera Argento, Dario 3.5
Opera Argento, Dario 2
Orphanage, The Juan Antonio Bayona 3
Orphanage, The Bayona, Juan Antonio 4
Others, The Amen�bar, Alejandro 3
Others, The Amenabar, Alejandro 4
Others, The Amen�bar, Alejandro 3.5
Paranormal Activity Peli, Oren 4
People Under the Stairs, The Craven, Wes 2
Pet Sematary Lambert, Mary 1.5
Phantasm Coscarelli, Don 4
Phantasm II Coscarelli, Don 2
Phantasm II Coscarelli, Don 2
Phantom of the Opera, The Argento, Dario 2
Pieces Juan Piquer Simon 1.5
Pieces Piquer Sim�n, Juan 3.5
Planet Terror Rodriguez, Robert 3.5
Poltergeist Hooper, Tobe 3
Premature Burial, The Corman, Roger 3
Prince of Darkness Carpenter, John 3.5
Prince of Darkness, The Carpenter, John 2
Prom Night Lynch, Paul 2
Psycho Hitchcock, Alfred 5
Psychomania Sharp, Don 3
Pumpkinhead Winston, Stan 3.5
Pumpkinhead Winston, Stan 3
Queen of the Damned Rymer, Michael 3
Rabid Cronenberg, David 2.5
Raiders of the Living Dead Sherman, Samuel 1.5
Rampo Noir Hisayasu Sato, Akio Jissoji, Suguru Takeuchi, and Atsushi Kaneko 2
Raw Meat Sherman, Gary 2.5
Re-Animator Gordon, Stuart 4
Red Dragon Ratner, Brett 4.5
Red Dragon Ratner, Brett 2.5
Resident Evil Anderson, Paul W.S. 2.5
Resident Evil Anderson, Paul W.S. 3
Resident Evil: Extinction Mulcahy, Russell 2
Resurrected, The O'Bannon, Dan 4
Return of the Evil Dead de Ossorio, Amando 2.5
Return of the Living Dead O'Bannon, Dan 3.5
Return of the Living Dead 3 Yuzna, Brian 3
Return of the Living Dead 3 Yuzna, Brian 2
Return of the Living Dead Part II Wiederhorn, Ken 2.5
Return of the Living Dead Part II Wiederhorn, Ken 4
Return of the Living Dead, The O'Bannon, Dan 3.5
Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis Elkayem, Ellory .5
Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave Elkayem, Ellory 0
Return to Sleepaway Camp Hiltzik, Robert 1.5
Revelation Urban, Stuart 4
Ring, The Verbinski, Gore 3
Ring, The Verbinski, Gore 1
Ring, The Verbinski, Gore 3.5
Ring, The Verbinski, Gore 4
Ringu Nakata, Hideo 4
Ringu Nakate, Hideo 4
Rogue McLean, Greg 2.5
Rosemary's Baby Polanski, Roman 5
Ruins, The Smith, Carter 3
Salem's Lot Salomon, Michael 3
Satan's Children Wiezycki, Joe 2.5
Satanico Pandemonium Solares, Gilberto Martinez 3
Saw Wan, James 2.5
Saw Wan, James 3.5
Saw II Bousman, Darren Lynn 2
Saw II Darren Lynn Bousman 1.5
Saw III Darren Lynn Bousman 2
Saw IV Darren Lynn Bousman 1.5
Saw V Hackl, David 1.5
Scanners Cronenberg, David 3.5
Session 9 Anderson, Brad 4.5
Session 9 Anderson, Brad 4
Shadow of the Vampire E. Elias Merhige 2
Shadow of the Vampire Merhige, E. Elias 4.5
Shaun of the Dead Wright, Edgar 4
Shining, The Kubrick, Stanley 5
Shivers Cronenberg, David 4
Shocker Craven, Wes 2
Shunned House, The Zuccon, Ivan 2.5
Signs Shyamalan, M. Knight 4
Silent Hill Gans, Christophe 3
Sixth Sense, The Shyamalan, M. Night 4.5
Skeleton Key Softley, Iain 2.5
Sleepaway Camp Hiltzik, Robert 2
Sleepaway Camp Hiltzik, Robert 4.5
Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers Simpson, Michael A. 3
Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers Simpson, Michael 4
Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland Simpson, Michael 3
Sleepy Hollow Burton, Tim 4.5
Sleepy Hollow Burton, Tim 2.5
Slither Gunn, James 2.5
Slither Gunn, James 1.5
Slumber Party Massacre II Brock, Deborah 2
Slumber Party Massacre III Mattison, Sally 2.5
Son of Frankenstein Lee, Rowland 3.5
Sorority House Massacre Frank, Carol 1.5
Sorority House Massacre II Wynorski, Jim .5
Spider Baby Hill, Jack 4
Stagefright Soavi, Michele 2.5
Stephen King's It Tommy Lee Wallace 2.5
Stigmata Wainwright, Rupert 3
Suicide Club Sono, Shion 3
Suspiria Argento, Dario 4
Suspiria Argento, Dario 5
Sweet House of Horrors Fulci, Lucio 2.5
Tales from the Darkside: The Movie Harrison, John 2
Tales from the Hood Cundieff, Rusty 2.5
Tales of Terror Corman, Roger 3
Tetsuo: The Iron Man Shinya Tsukamoto 5
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Nispel, Marcus 2.5
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, The Hooper, Tobe 2
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, The Hooper, Tobe 3
Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Nispel, Marcus 4
The Grudge Takashi Shimizu 2.5
Them  David Moreau and Xavier Palaud 3.5
There's Nothing Out There Kanefsky, Rolfe 3
Thing, The Carpenter, John 3.5
Thing, The Carpenter, John 3
This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse Marin, Jos� Mojica  4
To the Devil -- A Daughter Sykes, Peter 2
Tombs of the Blind Dead de Ossorio, Amando 3
Toolbox Murders, The Donnelly, Dennis 1
Tooth and Nail Young, Mark 2
Toxic Zombies McCrann, Chuck 2.5
Trick 'r Treat Dougherty, Mike 2
Trilogy of Terror Curtis, Dan 3.5
Troll Buechler, John Carl 3
Troll 2 Floyd, Drako 1.5
Troll 2 Floyd (Claudio Fragasso), Drake 1.5
Underworld Wiseman, Len 2
Uzumaki Higuchinsky 4
Versus Kitamura, Ryuhei 3.5
Versus Kitamura, Ryuhei 3.5
Videodrome Cronenberg, David 4
Village, The Shyamalan, M. Night 2
Wendigo Fessenden, Larry 4
Wendigo Fessenden, Larry 3.5
Wendigo Fessenden, Larry 4
Wes Craven's New Nightmare Craven, Wes 3
White Noise Sax, Geoffrey 3
White Slaves of Chinatown Mawra, Joseph 2.5
Wicker Man, The Hardy, Robin 4
Willard Morgan, Glen 3.5
Witch Who Came from the Sea, The Cimber, Matt 3
Wolf Creek McLean, Greg 2
Wrong Turn Schmidt, Rob 2.5
Xtro Davenport, Harry Bromley 3
Zombi 3 Fulci, Lucio and Bruno Mattei 2.5
Zombie Fulci, Lucio 4.5
Zombie Fulci, Lucio 3.5
Zombie Fulci, Lucio 4
Zombie '90: Extreme Pestilence Schnass, Andreas .5
Zombie 4: After Death Fragasso, Claudio 2.5
Zombie Holocaust Martin, Frank 3.5
Zombie Holocaust Martin, Frank 4
Zombie Holocaust Girolami, Marino 2.5
[REC] Jaume Balaguer and Paco Plaza  2.5
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